Cable assembly

The right tools are important in this high-precision field of work. We manufacture a wide range of speciality cables. Our KOMAX and SCHLEUNIGER cutting machines cut cables to the nearest millimetre, as well as strip cables and wires (between 0.25 and 35mm thickness). The integrated inkjet printers print on the cables and wires while they are being cut (2-35mm thickness). Crimping machines complement our range of services, as does the assembly of kits.

stefan loescherOptimally equipped for rational production!

A further highlight of our work is that we have the original tools for more than 90% of the common types of contacts or contact manufacturers. We also work with the original tools on the majority of commercially available insulation displacement connectors for ribbon cables. This guarantees the best production for us and our customers!



We would be happy help you with new products and will assist you with everything from prototyping to pilot production, individual manufacturing and mass production.

manfred koineggEverything from one source – We offer complete solutions!

We take care of the assembly so that you can fully concentrate on the development. We already produce semi-finished products (cables, printed circuit boards, etc.) for a variety of end products such as digital cameras for aerial photography, slot machines for casinos, digital large format printers, equipment for networking technology and much more. We would also be happy to source all materials for you.

Our range of services:

  • Manufacture and assembly of cables and wires as well as mechanical components
  • Functional testing (including endurance testing)
  • Original packaging
  • Supplementation with diverse materials (connection cable sets or power supply units)
  • Preparation for shipment


Switch cabinet construction

We are specialised in the production of control and switch cabinets, and have many decades of experience in cable manufacturing and the assembly of complete electronic devices.

franz konradComplex solutions need the best expertise!

Exactly what the customer requires:

  • we plan your customised switch cabinet
  • we procure and manufacture the necessary components
  • we assemble your control cabinet system
  • we conduct a final electronic inspection.

In doing so, we ensure that the control panels are easy to use and manage.


CNC milling

CNC milling is an additional service that many of our customers like to use.

hannes hermannMinor rework is taken care of quickly and without fuss!

We perform the following milling operations:

  • milling printed circuit board layouts and housing recesses
  • drilling test adaptors
  • labelling front panels
  • and much more.

cnc fraesen


We are fascinated by technological advancement, which is why we work with an in-house 3D printer and produce printouts of your CAD components.

Magdalena LöscherNew technology creates opportunities – your desired components as a prototype.

We print for prototypes or small batches:

  • different types of plastics with measurements of 270 x 210 x210 mm
  • housing covers
  • and much more.

We would also be happy to take care of the print-ready design and planning of your component beforehand.


Pull-off test

Furthermore, we also offer random checks of crimp connections. Depending on customer requirements, we conduct pull-off tests for crimps with our pull-off tester. We include an assessment of the results with each delivery.

lisa pichlerAdditional follow-up on customer request.


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