It’s what we work for

We are who we are

As a family-owned company, we know that together we are stronger. This is why each employee is highly valued within the company, completely independent of his responsibilities or position. Trust, dedication and honesty are a matter of course for us and we implement these values daily. Our customers appreciate this, because it makes us a trusted partner that can always be counted on.

Löscher makes it possible

What others need weeks for, we can do in a few days. We love challenges and make things possible where the others may have reservations. This has given us the reputation of providing a solution when things seem impossible. High quality and efficiency are not a contradiction in terms for us; they are our motivation to do our best for our customers. Always.

Everything from one source

We not only help during the developmental phase, we also provide our expertise to you wherever it’s needed while you are designing your product. In this manner, one or two prototypes have been created here at Löscher. Our employees appreciate this versatility, because it comes with exciting challenges. As a company, we are your contact for the most diverse requirements.

A matter of principle

Family values are tradition in our company. In this regard, we prefer sustainable growth to turning a quick profit. This secures jobs and creates a healthy working environment for our employees. For the past 25 years, this attitude has made us a successful and stable employer in the region. As a company and as a family we are proud of this.

Guiding principle

Mission statement

The quality of our products is the most important thing for us and our customers. Therefore, no unchecked product leaves our company. Our employees are our success! That is why we are not only a company that takes on trainees, we also support our employees in further education and trainings. We can only meet the growing demands of our customers by constantly improving ourselves. All employees are involved in the continuous optimisation process. Preserving the environment is important to us! That is why we recycle or reuse waste. Moreover, we use reusable packaging materials to reduce waste. We use a self-supplier to save energy.


Through our flexibility, adaptability to change orders and ability to meet deadlines, we will grow our market position and play a leading role in our niche. Through our continuous improvement processes and innovation efforts, we want to help our customers stay a step ahead of the competition and maintain their market leadership. We are a secure and attractive employer due to our continuous modernisation and investment. Our company is a role model through the careful and sustainable use of resources, as well as the use of renewable energy.


No delivery without prior inspection

The most important thing for us is the quality of our products. Depending on the requirements, we also perform product-specific spot checks during the production process. Demanding components and assemblies are subjected to 100% electrical function tests. All products (cables, semi-finished products, ready-made devices, etc.) undergo a final output inspection before delivery.

We thereby guarantee our customers our international quality standard and that all of our products are checked for quality before leaving our premises.



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